August 25, 2021 2 min read

As a local Kansas City business, we know how tough it is to start a small business from nothing and create it into something people will want to buy! But you have to start somewhere and the best part about the small business community, especially in Kansas City, is how supportive we are of each other. To be able to get your foot in the door, someone has to give you a chance and at EB and Co. we love being able to feature local businesses in our stores. 

Not a lot of people know that we partner with locally owned brands with pop-up shops, local events, and we even carry certain brands in-store. We feel these partnerships not only grow our brand but help grow other small KC businesses as well. Being able to support these businesses is an important part of who we are at EB and Co. and we pride ourselves in being big supporters of the KC small business community. 

Now, you might be asking who and what are these local brands you carry in-store?! We’re so glad you asked, let us introduce you to some of our locally owned brands. 

Messner Bee Farm explains this brand perfectly because they literally keep bees in the KC metro area. “We focus on natural beekeeping practices and bring you products made with beeswax and honey from happy bees!” says owner Rachael. They sell lip balm, beard oil, deodorant, solid perfume, and if you’re hungry, raw honey of course! So stop by our store and grab a lip tint -- with fall right around the corner, we need to keep those lips unchapped! 

Tucker & Scout, created by Melissa Padavic,  handmakes one-of-a-kind earrings out of polymer clay, which is incredibly lightweight. These earrings are fashion staple pieces that everyone needs to add to their wardrobe. With the bright colored rainbows to the funky shapes and patterns -- your friends will be dying to have a pair too! 

After Another, small business owned and run by Alyissa Johnson, who creates prints that we feature at our stores. A fan favorite is the ‘Empowered Women, Empower Women’ print that would look amazing framed in your home office. Alyissa is a graphics designer and self-taught hand-lettering artist. She’s currently on the search for her next adventure and is open to freelance so give her a shout if you’re looking for some graphic design needs! 

We love being able to support these KC businesses and we hope after reading this, you’ll want to too! You can find all of these brands exclusively in-store at our Plaza and Brookside locations. Stop by soon and don’t forget to give us a shoutout on Insta by tagging

Written by Emily Jackson

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